Resources for Unit Presidents

  2023 - 2024 Council PTSA Meetings
         First Meeting - Monday, September 11, 2023
         All 2023-2024 PTA/PTSA Presidents should attend.  
             If you cannot attend please, send your EVP or other PTA Board representative
         CUSD Education Center - 33122 Valle Road - San Juan Capistrano . 
         Items needed/due for each meeting will be listed on the Home Page 
 Unit Association Meetings
         Please submit your 2023-2024 Association Meeting dates and times to:
            Kathy Westling for inclusion on the Council website by family.
             You only need to send the Association (General) Meeting dates and times,
            not the Executive Board meetings.     
 Unit Websites
        Check on the List of CUCPTSA Units that your website link is up to date.  
          If it is incorrect or you have a new domain, please send the information to 
          Kathy Westling so it can be corrected.
 Planning for the New School Year 
         *  CUSD Approved School Calendar2023-2024 
         *  PTA Leadership Transitions
         *  Good Transitions  
         *  If not already completed, report your 2023-2024 Officers through PTA EZ - Click here
         *  As Easy as 1-2-3 - Planning for the New Year  
         *  3 to 1 Rule of PTA Programs 
General Information 
          Council Calendar of Meetings
          PTA Advocacy
          PTA Forms
          PTA Parliamentarian
          PTA Historian
          Web Communications Information 
          CUSD Volunteer Policy 
 Forms for your Unit
          Visit the PTA Forms Page for a wide range of forms and information sheets related to the forms
 Fall Activities and Planning
 Financial Resources
          Payment Authorization Form - CUCPTSA Units
          Annual PTA Audit
          Audit Checklist
          Annual Financial Report 
          Cash Verification (Council Deposits) 
          Cash Verification (Unit Deposits)
          Fiduciary Responsibility and Agreement              
              Use is required for all funds submitted to the CUSD Gift Account
          PTA Financial Flow Chart
          Request for Advance Form
          Filing PTA Tax Returns 
           Unit PTA Taxes are DUE on November 15. 
                Units will be charged a penalty fee if they are late.
           File an Extension before Nov 15 if taxes will not be completed in time.
           Contact CUCPTSA Treasurer if you have questions.
 Reflections Program Planning 
  Training Handouts
          What is a Parliamentarian? - 2010
          Parliamentarian Training - 2010
          PTA Secretary Training Packet - 2009
          PTA Secretary Workshop - 2009
          Communications and Your PTA - 2009
          Financial Matters Training Packet - 2008       
          Nominating Committee Instructions - 2009
          Nominating Committee Dos and Donts - 2009     
          Elections Script - English
          Elections Script - Spanish
 CUSD Information 
          CUSD Print Shop Website - All you need to know!

 Guidelines from Fourth District

       Council Meetings: Members and Guests

       PTA History & Advocacy - PTA Elections

       PTA and Labor Negotiations


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