PTA Awards
A variety if Awards are available at the local (CUCPTSA), district (Fourth District PTA), state (California State PTA) and national (National PTA) levels.  
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Honorary Service Awards are available to recognize the service and dedication of both individuals and organizations. They may be awarded only by PTA districts, councils, units, and the California State PTA and should be presented by duly authorized PTA representatives at PTA-sponsored meetings or at functions of allied groups.     
Each year, the monies collected from the HSA Program are used to fund Continuing Education Scholarships for students, volunteers, teachers, school nurses, and counselors. Funds are also allocated as Grants for PTAs to implement programs focusing on Outreach Translation, Cultural Arts, Parent Education, and Healthy Lifestyles. 
The HSA Program includes the Honorary Service Award, Very Special Person Award, Continuing Service Award, Outstanding Teacher Award, Outstanding Administrator Award, and the Golden Oak Service Award. A person may receive more than one of any of these awards.

VERY SPECIAL PERSON AWARD - The Very Special Person (VSP) Award may be given to individuals or organizations to recognize their service or work.

HONORARY SERVICE AWARD - An Honorary Service Award (HSA) may be given to an individual or organization in special recognition of outstanding service to children and youth in our school district/community, going above and beyond what is asked of them.

CONTINUING SERVICE AWARD - A Continuing Service Award (CSA) may be given to an individual or organization in special recognition of ongoing or long-time service to children and youth, providing support year after year.

OUTSTANDING TEACHER AWARD - The Outstanding Teacher Award (OTA) may be given to recognize a teacher for outstanding service to children and youth through PTA, school, or community.

OUTSTANDING ADMINISTRATOR AWARD - The Outstanding Administrator Award (OAA) may be given to recognize an administrator for outstanding service to children and youth through PTA, school, or the community.         

GOLDEN OAK SERVICE AWARD - The Golden Oak Service Award is the most prestigious PTA award in California. This award may be given to an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the welfare of children and youth in the school or community.

  Honorary Service Awards at Your PTA/School:
Each unit can recognize volunteers, students, parents or community members that meet the criteria shown above, with an Honorary Service Award.  A chairperson and a committee can be appointed to accept and review nominations.  The chair should allow four to six weeks to process the request and payment for the awards through the CAPTA.  Awards may be given at a regularly scheduled PTA meeting or a special event.
Links related to HSA at Your Unit:
Download the HSA awards order form (PDF). Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of awards.
  Capistrano Unified PTSA Council Honorary Service Awards
Each year, CUCPTSA will recognize individuals and organizations that have gone above and beyond their PTA job description, have shown true dedication to children and youth and whose work extends throughout the Capistrano Unified School District or beyond.
(Individuals who do great work only at a specific school site or within one PTA unit should be considered for recognition by that PTA unit.) 
Council will appoint an HSA committee to accept and renew nominations.   Awards will be given at the annual year-end luncheon.
Links related to CUCPTSA Honorary Service Awards:
See the bottom of the Membership page for information on Membership Awards
To recognize the achievements of members, units, councils and allied agencies, the Fourth District PTA, California State PTA, and the National PTA coordinate a number of awards programs.
CUCPTSA Units may apply for a variety of awards from Fourth District PTA.  Click here for information about the awards. 
The Phoebe Apperson Hearst Innovation in Family Engagement Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate achievement in building effective family-school partnerships.
PTA Spotlight Awards recognize outstanding programs by PTA units.  They also provide the opportunity to share your successful program with other PTA leaders throughout the State at a California State PTA Convention workshop.  Toolkit information about the award.  
California State PTA annually recognizes PTA units, councils, and districts that achieve a special, anniversary milestone as a chartered PTA association. In 2012, 163 PTAs were honored as A Legacy PTA.
In addition to the Honorary Service Award, other PTA pins may be given to represent an individuals pledge of service and protection to children and youth.  Members, by wearing this emblem, indicate that they have a share in this service.
See the bottom of the Membership page for information on Membership Awards . 
 This award is designed to recognize PTAs that best demonstrate outstanding achievement in the areas of diversity and inclusion, as well as efforts to end discriminatory practices.  
Give the award of a lifetime.  The National PTA Life Achievement Award is the highest honor from the nations largest child advocacy organization - for the person who daily lives out his or her commitment to children. 


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