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Value of PTA Membership

Becoming a PTA member opens up leadership opportunities, and builds skills in communication and advocacy strategies. Members who are willing to get involved are a valuable resource for starting and maintaining programs and projects to benefit children, youth, and the community.


Enrolling members in the PTA is a year-long activity that is carried out by a membership committee. The primary reason for developing membership in the PTA is to build an informed team of individuals to work on behalf of all children and youth.




Any individual who subscribes to the purposes and basic policies of the PTA becomes a member upon payment of dues to a PTA or PTSA unit. Each member receives an official membership card from the unit. The membership card issued shows that the dues paid to the unit include membership in the California State PTA and National PTA and expires October 31.


Each PTA is separate from any other PTA and gives special services to a specific group of children. Members having children in more than one school may pay dues to support the PTA or youth in each childs school. (Article VII, Section 4 California State PTA Bylaws 8.1, 331)


All members of the Capistrano Unified Council PTSA belong to:

       2023-2024 Annual membership dues include per capita dues are:

CUCPTSA  $  .75
4th District PTA $1.00
California State PTA $2.00
National PTA $2.25
TOTAL per capita dues $6.00
The remaining portion stays in the unit. Dues may differ in amount in each PTA.  The total per capita dues submitted to Council and then distributed to the next levels of PTA is $6.00 per member for the 2023-2024 year. Information  about Membership Awards opportunities can be found at the bottom of this page.
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The portion of dues paid to a unit that is specified in the bylaws as due the National PTA, the California State PTA, 4th District PTA, and CUCPTSA, known as "per capita dues," does not belong to the unit, but must be forwarded through channels at the completion of the enrollment month and by the first of each month thereafter. Once membership per capita has been sent by the unit through channels, dues cannot be refunded to an individual member.

For more information from the California State PTA:

  California State PTA Guidelines

As a member of the California State PTA, you work hard all year to advocate for children, promote parent and family involvement in schools, and improve the lives of all children and families. Here are a few extra perks of membership available exclusively to PTA members.


California State PTA Membership Awards 


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