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November 2023 - List of Topics 
  • The Capistrano Unified School District will be defining a district standard for the safety for all of our schools.
  • School Facilities:
  •   CUSD has about $4M for deferred maintenance per year. The only way to get funding for school facility needs in California is to pass a bond.
  •   CUSD has not passed a bond since 1999. Four bonds since then have failed. Because of that while the State bonds have passed, we are not receiving any of the money.
  •   To receive the State matching school Bond money, a City or District has to pass its own School Facility Bond.
  •   Since 2010 over 16 School bonds have been passed in Orange County.
  •   In the past year alone there were 20,000 work order requests submitted to the district. The School District cannot fulfill all of them because they just dont have the resources.
  • New Grading Policy was supposed to be implemented in the 2nd quarter of this year however it will be implemented next year as the District needs more time to fine-tune the process.
  • On October 18th there was a board meetin where the controversial parental notification policy did not pass.
  • This month is Red Ribbon month. 
  • We have to keep talking about school funding in California.
  • Raise the Base is an ongoing initiative.
  • One piece of legislation can change the future of education for generations to come.
  • By 2025-2026 the CUSD Civid reliefe funds would be exhausted, which translated into no more small-size classrooms and eliminating some of the P.E. teachers in elementary schools.
  • Please review the Local Control Funding Formula per student for the the academic year 2023-2024 in Orange County by downloading the full report..
  • Congress is working on the Fiscal Year 2024 budget and the proposal is to cut $22.1 billion in education. PLEASE take a second and follow the link below to the CAPTA & National PTA "Take Action"! 
  • https://www.pta.org/home/advocacy/take-action

  • Advocacy letters for National PTA by category: Child Health and Safety, Education Technology and Data Privacy, Elementary and Secondary Education, Federal Investments in Education, Gun Safety and Violence Protection, Post Secondary Access and Opportunity, Special Education
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