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Fourth District PTA Advocacy Communicator
CUCPTSA Advocacy Report  
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February 2018 - List of content topics 
  • Solar Energy Funding Update
  • Graduation Requirements Update
  • Support of Assembly Bill 1743-Technical Education Program
  • Resolution to support Full and Fair Funding of California Public Education
  • Update with CUEA
  • California State PTA Bills to watch:  AB1661, AB 1743
  • Current State Budget Information
  • California State PTA Advocates for art education
  • Fourth District PTA Report 
  • Report of the PTA Advocacy Forum held 1/12/18


  • Potential actions by the US Secretary of Education
  • Medicaid cuts and impact on schools
  • Implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Potential cuts to the Education department
  • National PTA: Stop Budget Cuts
  • Current Federal legislation bill status

 Date Event Location Time
January 12, 2018Legislation/Advocacy Team Meeting   CUSD Room 3 9:00 AM
February 2, 2018Legislation/Advocacy Team Meeting CUSD Room 3 9:00 AM 
February 26-27, 2018 Sacramento Safari  Sacramento
March 9, 2019Legislation/Advocacy Team Meeting
CUSD Room 3  
 9:00 AM
 April 13, 2018Legislation/Advocacy Team Meeting CUSD Room 3 9:00 AM
 May 14, 2018Legislation/Advocacy Team Meeting   CUSD Room 3 9:00 AM

* 2017-2018 PTA Presidents, Unit Legislation Representatives and
   Unit Special Ed Representatives are invited to Superintendent Parent Council

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