One of the most important functions of the PTA is to provide information to its members about legislation and activities related to the eduction of their children.  To make a difference, PTA must continually advocate for the education, health and safety of our children.  The definition of "advocacy" is to "urge action".  Per the California State PTA:
     üPTA is nonpartisan and never endorses or opposes a candidate for public office.
     üPTA does take positions on issues that affect children and youth.
To maintain the PTA tax exempt 501 3(C) status however, it is critical that Units carry out their advocacy activities within the guidelines established by the National and State PTA as well as those set forth by our local school district.
PTA participates in the legislative process by encouraging citizens to vote, by providing information and by advocating for the PTA positions.  PTAs must recognize the distinction between information pieces and advocacy pieces to insure the guidelines are followed:
    Advocacy urges action and is persuasive. Advocacy ("Vote YES on Measure D!") may be handed out at PTA meetings as long as a facilities use permit has been obtained, distributed on the sidewalk (not on school property), included on a PTA/PTSA website or PTA/PTSA List Serve or mailed home if it is not printed by the CUSD Print Shop.  It must not be sent home directly with children.  SAMPLE:  "The California State PTA urges you to vote NO on Proposition 76" is considered advocacy and may not be sent home with children. 
    Information is evenhanded, dispassionate and factual and may be distributed in the above listed ways, may be printed at the CUSD Print Shop and also may be sent home with children.  Anything sent home with the children must be approved by the school principal.
SAMPLE:  "The California State PTA has taken a position opposing Proposition 76" is a piece of information that can be reported without being advocacy.
The following links provide further information for our Units on this issue from Fourth District PTA and the California State PTA.
     Capistrano Unified Council PTSA - Advocacy Communication and PTA  
     Fourth District PTA - Elections and PTA
     California State PTA - PTA and Elections
If you are interested in receiving on going legislation alerts and information, please click on the "Stay Informed" box to the left and sign the Legislation Alert List Serve.


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