2020 CUSD Measure H, I
March 3, 2020 General Election
Local CUSD Bond Measures H and I
Two Bond Measures related to Capistrano Unified School District will be on the March 2020 ballot.  A Special Facilities Improvement District (SFID) was created for each measure.  At the December 9, 2020 Capistrano Unified Council PTSA voted to support both of the Bonds.  SFID #2 (Measure H) includes San Clemente and Capistrano Beach and SFID #3 (Measure I) includes Dana Point, Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo.
Websites for more information:    Measure H     Measure I 
FAQ dor more information:           Measure H     Measure I 
PTAs of schools that reside in SFID #2 (Measure H) or SFID #3 (Measure I) can support the bonds or remain neutral.  Following are the PTA guidelines related to what actions can and cannot be utilized at the schools that will be affected by the School Bond vote. 
  • School District officials can attend your PTA meeting and provide factual information and answer any detailed questions your parents may have. 

  • School Board Trustees and PTA Leaders can provide information and will speak in favor of the Facilities Bonds.

  • PTAs may post information in support of the Facilities Bonds if your website is separate from CUSDs.

  • PTAs may email blast Facilities Bond support to your parents if you use Constant Contact or your email is completely separate from CUSD.

  • PTAs may post factual information if your website or email is connected to CUSD. For example: "CUCPTSA Votes to Support the CUSD Facilities Bonds" is a fact. "CUCPTSA Urges You to Vote in Favor of the Facilities Bonds" is NOT allowed if you share a CUSD website or email.

  • PTAs may spend up to 5% of your budget on advocacy for the Facilities Bonds.

  • PTAs may distribute campaign materials in support of the Facilities Bonds.

  • PTAs may not ask students to distribute election materials (students may support the bonds on their own).

  • Please remember PTAs support POSITIONS not Candidates - the Facilities Bonds are a POSITION.

  • PTA Guidelines - How to Support Bonds.
Contacts for Meetings
1.  Invite District Officials by emailing Ryan Burris at rkburris@capousd.org
2.  Invite School Board Trustees by emailing your schools Trustee:
     San Clemente/Capo Beach--Patricia Holloway and Amy Hanacek
     Dana Point/Laguna Niguel/Aliso Viejo--Amy Hanacek, Martha McNicholas, and
     Krista Castellanos) (For email addresses go to CUSD Board
     or email cucptsa@gmail.com
3.  Invite PTA Leaders by contacting them directly


SFID # 2 (Measure H) - San Clemente and Capistrano Beach
SFID # 3 (Measure I) - Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, and Aliso Viejo



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