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Hello PTA Presidents,


My name is Courtney Fielder and I am the Council Art Advocate. One of my important jobs is to recruit art advocates at each school site. I am looking to put my database together for this year. If you have someone interested in art advocacy please let me know the following info:

  • Art advocates name
  • Email address
  • School site
  • family


Goals for PTA art advocacy for this year 

  • Support the Reflections program at your school site as a way to reach out to students and parents about the arts.
  • Support a spring arts event at your school as a way to showcase artistic expression at your school site and inform parents of the importance of an education that includes the arts (we will help give you idea for this)
  • Attend school board meetings and make open comments sharing your love of the arts and give personal accounts of how the arts have affected your student or your life (not everyone has to do this, I am looking for people who are willing to and you would have help preparing for this)


If you have any questions please let me know. I can be reached at cfielder1@att.net.


Courtney Fielder, CUCPTSA Arts Adovocate
2018-19 scheduled Art Advocacy Roundtable Meetings:
Please join us for these informative meetings and stay up to date on the arts in our school district. This is a great place to gain insight into programplans and voice the needs of your school.
  Meeting Dates:
   September 5, 2018
   October 28, 2018
   February 6, 2019
   May 1, 2019 
   All meetings located in the CUSD Offices
Unit Arts Advocacy should plan to attend. 


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