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  Special Education Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
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What is the role of the Special Education Representative?


The Special Education CAC is a positive force that works to enlighten the general school population about special education issues.  The Special Education Representative at each school site is a liaison between school district and local PTA/PTSA units and families with special needs. The CAC helps to bridge the gap between general and special education and offer educational opportunities of interest to special education families.   The Special Education Representative is a PTA/PTSA committee or board member on the local unit roster.  The Capistrano Unified Council PTSA Representatives  for 2022 - 2023 are Rachel Niemeyer-Sutherland and Mina Carson.


CAC Mission

To foster positive connections and awareness of special education among students, parents and CUSD and to provide guidance in special education so all students become successful life-long learners.



Special Education Representative Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly Special Education CAC meetings at the district office and report back to local unit with regard to programs and assistance provided by the district.
  • Build a bridge between parents in general education and parents in Special Education.
  • Write or provide articles for school newsletter concerning issues relating to people with disabilities.
  • Develop a special education committee at school site to provide support.
  • Develop an Ability Awareness program at school site to help the community feel more comfortable and accepting of students who live with disabilities.
  • Assist with and promote awareness of legislative issues relating to special education.
  • Work with school personnel to create awareness among staff of the needs of all children.
  • Work with PTA/PTSA to present parent education programs. Bring in guest speakers and special programs for both parents of general and special education.


For more information or to apply visit CUSD Special Education website:



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